Style: White Oak Red Ale with Vanilla and Citrus

Availability: Nitro Series

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A perennial favorite made even better through nitro dispense, Hornswoggled with a base recipe of a full bodied Irish-style Red Ale.  After adding orange peel and vanilla, white oak spirals are added to the beer to impart subtle coconut and vanilla qualities, after which we nitrogenate the beer to add fullness of body and temper hop bitterness.  Despite it’s simple recipe, Hornswoggled is sure to confound, confuse and confabulate Cigar City fans across the country.



  • ABV: 5%
  • OG: 14
  • IBU: 22
  • SRM: 17

Tasting Notes

Bready, biscuity malt aromas are complimented by vanilla and a subtle hint of orange peel on the nose of this unique Red Ale. Flavors of toffee and coconut are balanced by tannins from white oak spirals and herbaceous hop flavor, while nitrogen dispense adds a fullness of body on the palate.

Awards and Ratings

Ratebeer: 92 overall

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