2017 Amended Distribution Calendar & Brand Updates



Cigar City Brewing is excited to introduce its 2017 Distribution Portfolio filled with CCB fan favorites and exciting new additions. The calendar includes: Cores, a Nitro Series, and Special Releases poised to hit CCB’s entire distribution footprint. This new line-up launches in January with the Nitro Series release of El Coco Coconut Flan Ale and the Special Series release of White Oak Jai Alai.

CCB is currently available in 6 states including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. Expansion into numerous new markets is slated for 2017, with a new state being announced after the new year. CCB ales and lagers are also exported to the country of Denmark.

Cigar City Brewing’s Amended 2017 Distribution Portfolio

Jai Alai IPA [Year-Round]
Maduro Brown Ale [Year-Round]
Invasion Pale Ale [Year-Round]
Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale [Year-Round]
Tampa-style Lager [Year-Round]

Nitro Series:
El Coco Coconut Flan Ale [January & February]
Hornswoggled Red Ale [March & April]
Vanilla Maduro Brown Ale [May & June]
Horchata Tropical Ale [July & August]
Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale [September & October]
Cafe Con Leche Sweet Stout [November & December]

Special Releases:
White Oak Jai Alai [January, February, June & July]
Marshal Zhukov’s Penultimate Push [March]
Guayabera Citra Pale Ale [April & October]
Vanilla Maduro Brown Ale [May & November]
Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout [August]
Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale [September]
Cafe Con Leche Sweet Stout [December]

**Amended April 17, 2017**

3/21/2017 Update


When our partnership with craft beer pioneers Oskar Blues was announced in early 2016, we went to great lengths to assure beer lovers worldwide that the exclusive goal and result of the partnership would be to put more Cigar City Brewing into more people’s hands.  We’re proud to now announce the first step toward that goal will be the release of our flagship beer, Jai Alai IPA, brewed at Oskar Blues’ facility in Brevard, North Carolina.

Jai Alai’s growth as a brand was a major catalyst for Cigar City Brewing and Oskar Blues Brewery’s partnership.  Cigar City Brewing’s Tampa facility had reached its maximum possible output of beer in early 2016 and Founder and CEO Joey Redner was faced with the looming prospect of having to secure millions of dollars in loans to build a new facility that wouldn’t be producing beer until at least 2019.  With impressive facilities and room to expand production, Oskar Blues’ facilities in Colorado, Texas and North Carolina provided an ideal scenario to grow Cigar City Brewing organically and efficiently.

To say that Jai Alai IPA is an important beer to Cigar City Brewing as a company would be a gross understatement.  The balanced, citrus-forward IPA represents over 60% of our annual production and has offered craft beer lovers in Florida and elsewhere their first taste of Redner and Brewmaster Wayne Wambles’ vision for an ambitious new direction in Florida beer.  As its popularity grew in our early days (way back in the Dark Ages of the early 2010’s), we had our first taste of brewing the iconic recipe on a new system in 2013 when we supplemented production of Jai Alai IPA on our original 15 barrel brewhouse with our newly commissioned 30 barrel brewhouse.  The experience we gained translating a recipe from one set of equipment to another proved valuable when we partnered with Lakeland, Florida’s Brew Hub in 2014 to increase our capacity by producing additional Jai Alai IPA at their facility.  All told, we’ve brewed Jai Alai IPA on four different systems and have been able to consistently produce the same high-quality beer throughout.

Our production staff has spent weeks at the Brevard facility overseeing every aspect of Jai Alai IPA creation from water treatment to wort production and fermentation to filtration and packaging.  The process has been overseen by Cigar City’s Brewmaster Wayne Wambles, Director of Brewing Operations Madison Roane and Production Manager Sean Sasscer, and their combined decades of brewing experience has ensured that the beer produced in North Carolina is true to the Jai Alai IPA recipe that Wayne created years ago. We’re also extremely fortunate to have Oskar Blues’ production team, led by Brewmaster Tim Matthews, to help guide us as we introduce Jai Alai to a new facility and staff.  Tim is an industry giant whose years of experience matching beers and recipes like Oskar Blues’ iconic Dale’s Pale Ale across different facilities has proved to be invaluable.  These brewing veterans, along with Quality Assurance/Quality Control teams from both Oskar Blues and Cigar City, have tasted dozens of samples of Jai Alai IPA brewed on two different systems in Tampa, Jai Alai IPA brewed in Lakeland and Jai Alai IPA brewed in North Carolina and have all agreed that the beers are essentially identical.  When Wayne, the Brewmaster who created the beer’s recipe, takes a sip of Brevard-brewed Jai Alai IPA and says with a beaming grin, “That’s Jai Alai!” you know it’s true to the original.

We will always brew Jai Alai IPA in Tampa.  The same brewing equipment we used to brew our first batch of Jai Alai in 2009 will be used to produce Jai Alai for years to come.  Brevard-produced Jai Alai will help us to buttress the supply of Tampa-brewed Jai Alai and help deliver days-old beer to markets outside of the Sunshine State.  For the foreseeable future the rest of Cigar City’s award-winning recipes, including Invasion Pale Ale, Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale and Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout, will be brewed at the original Tampa brewery.

Our mission has always been to put the freshest, highest quality beer into the market and with the help of our wholesalers and partnership with Oskar Blues, we will continue to live up to the task.