The Skinny on Our Switch to Cans & Hi-Cones

What’s With The Cans?

Food and beverage cans are the most recycled containers in the United States. They are 100% recyclable and may be recycled repeatedly without loss of strength or quality. This preserves resources for future generations, which makes cans the most sustainable package.

  • Cans have zero light penetration.
  • Canned beverages chill faster, are easier to store, and have a longer shelf life.
  • Cans are shatter-proof. They are safer for consumers and are allowed where bottles are not, like at the beach.
  • Cans are lightweight and provide cube efficiency to allow more product to be shipped using less fuel.
  • New cans are produced with recycled aluminum, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95%.
  • Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.
  • 68% of cans are recycled—the highest rate of any beverage container.


What’s With The Hi-Cones?

Cigar City has always aimed to stay nimble and dynamic in a changing craft beer environment.  Take, for instance, our move from 12 oz. bottles to 12 oz. cans in 2012 (coincidence?).  The decision to move from glass to aluminum was made to reduce our impact on the environment and to create a dialogue with our customers about packaging materials and their impact on beer quality.  It is with the same goals in mind that we announce a packaging change to our 12 oz. cans.  Beginning in early 2017, our cans will come packaged in Hi-Cone brand six-pack holders.

We’ve been very impressed with Hi-Cone’s commitment to environmental sustainability, including the photodegradability of the plastic rings to prevent wildlife entanglement and the reduction in greenhouse emissions required to ship a comparable volume of PakTech holders.  In addition, each Hi-Cone six-pack holder is manufactured from a smaller volume of plastic making the energy required both to create and recycle the product less than other brands.  Finally, a smaller storage footprint in our production facility makes our switch to Hi-Cone a strategic move to free up more space at our Spruce Street brewery for more brewing equipment, meaning more beer for our fans throughout our distribution footprint.

The ubiquity that our former six-pack holder manufacturer PakTech’s holders have found in the craft beer market is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of their product.  We’ve always been thrilled with the company’s product and encourage craft brewers to explore them as an option when canning their beer.  The time has come, however, for Cigar City to make a change in the best interest of the consumer and our family of brands.

While this change may seem nominal, it anticipates several other small changes to our branding and image to come in 2017.  The beer won’t change; on the contrary, our commitment to quality becomes more steadfast as we increase production in an attempt to keep up with demand around the country.  The translucent nature of Hi-Cones will give us greater flexibility and allow future updates to can designs to be more recognizable.