CCB vs. 3 Floyds: A Bet is a Bet

As you may recall, we placed a friendly wager with our friends at 3 Floyds over the Stanley Cup Final. Simple bet: if the Lightning win, we host a 3 Floyds tap takeover. If the Blackhawks win, they host us for a CCB tap takeover. There’s also a collab happening no matter the result.

Well, we all know how that went. Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans!

And now, we must pay the piper. Details to be announced in the coming months on when this tap takeover is happening at 3 Floyds as well as what beer we’re sending.

Cheers to the Lightning, you guys had a great run, let’s do it again next year!


P.S. Because we need to drown our sorrows after this stinging loss, we’re still going to host a 3 Floyds tap takeover at CCB.