The Future of Tocobaga Red Ale

Tocobaga Red Ale has always been a favorite with our customers. From its early days as a draft-only tasting room exclusive, to a brief appearance in 750ml bottles, and now a home in 12oz cans, Tocobaga has been one of the easiest beers for us to sell. The problem, as many of you have let us know over the years, is that we don’t brew it often enough and when we do we don’t brew enough of it.

There are a few reasons for this. One of those is that acquiring enough Citra hops to brew it consistently has at times been a challenge. The huge hop nose and flavor that melds so well with the rich malt is almost completely from the liberal application of Citra hops.

But, the primary reason for its scarcity is that it’s just not a cheap beer to make. Tocobaga costs considerably more to brew than our flagship beer, Jai Alai IPA, and yet we’ve always charged the same price as Jai Alai for a 6-pack. We’ve brewed Tocobaga for years at an unsustainable margin, mainly because of how popular it is and how we much we love it ourselves. Former Brewer Tim Ogden designed Tocobaga to be delicious, but not necessarily cost effective to produce in large quantities.  Unfortunately, our accountants tell us that brewing a beer at just above break even isn’t a sound business practice.

But we don’t want to consign Tocobaga to the dustbin of CCB history.  As we said we love it too and think it should stay in our core lineup. However, in order to keep brewing it, we’re going to permanently switch Tocobaga to a 4-pack with 12oz cans, priced the same as before. This will allow us to keep brewing Tocobaga more regularly thus making it more available in the market.

The next batch of Tocobaga Red Ale will be canned soon and distributed shortly thereafter. Stay tuned to our social media outlets for more news on this.